Taking a step back from the barrage of information in this website,
reality glares us in the face.

1. The Wuhan labs that produced the bioweapon were funded by US interests.2. The bioweapon was released in Wuhan China. Bill Gates simulated its release in 2018.3. The US Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services contracted the private sector to create the intricate and elaborate pandemic supply chain for these "countermeasures".4. China with a population 1.453 billion, as of December 2022, has had only 5,241 Covid deaths and 389,306 Covid Cases, compared to the US with a population of 335.8 million that accumulated 1,114,931 deaths and 102,048,475 cases, resulting in a Case Survival Rate of 99.98% for the US, and 99.86% for China. Analyzing the numbers further, the Covid mortality rate per 100,000 population is 0.36 in China and 332 in the US1.5. China's hospital data is conspicuously missing from WHO's Covid reports.6. China did not use a single mRNA jab on its population.7. The WEF considers China to be the model for the 4th Industrial Revolution.8. Since the US is armed to the teeth at the local and national level, and is the biggest beacon of freedom on the planet, making a military invasion on its shores very problematic, it would only seem reasonable for the WEF to collude with China and employ a bioweapon to depopulate the US, while the enemy feigns injury.9. Time is on China's side. And China can't wait.10. Search the term China is preparing for war. It confirms it.[I have great love for the Chinese people who protest against the government lockdowns. They are not the enemy.]-------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------1 The number reflects the CDC's March 24, 2020 directive that any death, irrespective of preexisting conditions, autopsy or testing, is to be classified as a Covid-19 death on the mere assumption the person had been infected by Covid-19 - a first in medical history.